Published on May 19, 2012, at youtube:

The body is a 1956 Ford Victoria...but everything else is Supercharged Mustang...the perfect blend of old and new....shot at the 2012 Street Rod Nationals South from Knoxville TN...A very cool Hot it out!!!

Street rods - The Street Rod Nationals, 2003, August, Louisville Kentucky Fairgrounds from David Allen on Vimeo.

For our 24th Allen family reunion, Barbara and I flew into Louisville Kentucky, August 2003. The flight path crossed low over the Kentucky State Fairgrounds, a few hundred feet below. Where the Street Rod Nationals were creating an absolute riot of color on the ground - hundreds of fine old roadsters and coupes from the first half of the 20th century, all dressed up in their finest lacquer, lovingly brought to life over long years.

Of course we took enough time away from the reunion to capture a bit of the scene on camera. The result: this slideshow of the pics, created with iPhoto. Enjoy!